What Type Of Sweeper Should You Use For Your Warehouse?

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What Type Of Sweeper Should You Use For Your Warehouse?

Storage facilities and warehouses can benefit from an indoor/outdoor sweeper. Here at Haaga Sweepers, we provide great options for both manual and battery-powered sweepers that are ideal for cleaning storage facilities, manufacturing floors, and warehouses. Sweepers can pick up both wet and dry debris quickly. Our sweepers use patented technology to decrease the number of passes it will take you to clean your facility. This improved efficiency can help you get your work done faster.

Why Should You Use A Sweeper For Your Warehouse?

Warehouses and storage facilities can get messy quickly. Concrete floors can get covered in trash, leaves, dirt, mud, and other debris. With the help of a sweeper, you can cut down on cleaning time. A simple push-sweeper can make it easy to pick up trash from the ground and can also be used to clean your outdoor perimeter. It is a much quicker option than using a broom and dustpan, and less disruptive than using a leaf blower to move trash and debris somewhere else where it can easily blow back. Plus, a power sweeper can clean even faster.

What Type Of Sweeper Should I Get For My Facility?

Depending on the size of your facility, you might want to go with different sweeper options. Some of the core factors to consider when buying a sweeper are whether or not you need a battery, the cleaning path, and the maneuverability you will need. If your facility has tight turns and odd angles, you might want a smaller sweeper. However, if you have large aisles, a larger sweeper with a wider cleaning path may be ideal. We often recommend battery-powered sweepers for facilities with large square footage or multiple floors. A battery-powered sweeper can help you clean indoors and outdoors quickly.

Shop For Haaga Sweepers Online

At our online store, you can browse our full catalog of efficient sweepers. Our machines are designed to increase productivity when cleaning, saving you and your team more time. We also sell a variety of replacement parts, so if you already own a sweeper and need to replace a handle or a brush, we can help. If you have questions about what sweeper is the best fit for your facility, our team would be more than happy to answer any of your questions and make recommendations based on the specifics of your facility. Contact the team at Haaga through our contact form for more information on sweepers.

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