Power Sweepers For Farms/Agriculture

Outdoor Manual & Battery-Powered Sweepers

Agricultural and farming facilities require efficient cleaning products. Day-to-day, there are hundreds of tasks that need to be completed by you and your team, whether you are a dairy farmer, chicken farmer, or simply wheat or corn. Increasing efficiency can mean getting to the next project faster. That is where outdoor and indoor sweepers come in. These sweepers making clearing large areas quick and easy, so that you can get back to working on your crops or inspecting your animals. 


Manual Outdoor Sweepers For Agricultural Facilities and Farms

A manual sweeper is much more effective than a traditional broomstick and dustpan. By simply pushing the sweeper you can pick up wet and dry materials. Our sweepers are designed for efficiency by featuring both large cleaning paths and larger capacities, meaning it takes fewer passes to clean an entire indoor or outdoor facility. You can easily get rid of loose grain, straw, or hay with a manual sweeper. Manual sweepers are ideal for small to mid-range facilities. The Haaga 477 manual sweeper features Haaga’s patented three brush Turbo sweeping system that sweeps an area twice in just one move. This is an easy way to keep your facilities clean and prevent a build-up of waste over time. 

Battery-Powered Outdoor Sweepers For Dairy & Poultry Farms

If your farm keeps livestock in an indoor facility, it likely generates large amounts of waste on a daily basis. That is where battery-powered sweepers come in. Just like a manual sweeper, our power sweepers are designed to clean large areas quickly by featuring patented sweeping technology. However, with a built-in motor, cleaning is even quicker, and you can handle a much larger area. For larger facilities, we would recommend the US-9 power sweeper. Featuring an almost three-foot-wide cleaning path and a hopper capacity of 15 gallons, you can quickly clean your indoor spaces. If you need more maneuverability and a slightly tighter cleaning path we recommend the US-5 Compact Sweeper. The US-5 features a two-foot cleaning path and 9 gallon hopper capacity, this sweeper is ideal for tight corners and maneuvering in compact areas. 

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