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  • 9700SW BASE
    Battery Sweepers

    9700SW Battery Sweeper

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  • HAAGA 677
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    HAAGA 677 Battery Sweeper

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    HAAGA 697 Battery Sweeper

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    US-5 Compact Sweeper

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    US-9 Large Sweeper

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Cordless Battery Powered Sweepers From Haaga

Haaga sweepers use a patented three-brush technology to pick up more dirt and debris than other sweepers. With this technology our sweepers can pick up a lot more trash in a single pass making it more efficient. Here at Haaga we provide both battery-powered and manual sweepers. Battery-powered sweepers are ideal for larger facilities. 

haaga sweeper brush system

Should You Get A Manual or Battery-Powered Sweeper

Choosing between a manual or battery-powered sweeper is really dependent on the size of the facility you are looking to clean. Generally, a manual sweeper is perfect for a small retail location looking to keep a parking lot and entrance clean day to day, or a restaurant that wants to clean up dining areas after a shift. But if you are looking to clean a multi-tiered property like a parking garage, or you are working with an agricultural or manufacturing facility, you should consider going with a battery-powered Sweeper. 

How Do Outdoor Sweepers From Haaga Work?

Haaga’s battery powered sweepers work by using a patented three-brush technology. With this technology the sweeper can quickly and easily pick up more dirt, debris, and garbage off the sidewalk, parking lot, or other area. It is a very effective tool for cleaning outside. And because of the battery you can clean even quicker than if you were using a manual sweeper from Haaga. 

The Perfect Sweeper For Farms, Storage Facilities, Manufacturing Plants & Other Large Properties

Haaga’s Battery powered sweepers are ideal for larger properties with both indoor and outdoor spaces. If you have a farm or agricultural facility, a manufacturing plant, or a storage facility, a sweeper can quickly clean through the area and handle both wet & dry debris both inside and outside. We generally recommend manual sweepers for small spaces like a small auto shop that needs to sweep up loose debris, or a restaurant that is looking to clean outdoor seating areas and parking lots. But if you have a large area you are looking to clean, a battery-powered Haaga sweeper is likely the best choice for your property. If you would like specific recommendations on a sweeper, please give us a call. 

Get Haaga Sweeper Battery Replacements & Replacement Parts

haaga battery

A Haaga Battery Powered sweeper is a great investment into keeping your commercial property clean. However, after a long period of time you may need to have the battery replaced or you will need a replacement part fo your Haaga sweeper. If you need any replacement parts please click below to find your model and get any of the parts you are missing for that specific item.