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At HaagaUS, we have a set of core values that drive our company on a daily basis. These values have created a brand with products synonymous with these high values and we are proud to say it has created a customer base that comes to expect higher standards when purchasing a Haaga manufactured product.  Each distributor of our brand is expected to be an extension of these values. We believe in mutual respect between us, our suppliers and our customers. To ensure customer satisfaction, we must conduct every business transaction with the highest ethical standards, giving special attention to consumer rights. 

If you are interested in becoming a supplier of Haaga Sweepers in North America, please use contact us today for more information. Each potential distributor will be qualified and expected to up hold our core values. After becoming a distributor, our team of sweeper experts will offer live webinar training with your sales team to educate them on each product.

Sell the Best Sweeper Brand in the Industry! As the leading manufacturer of indoor/outdoor large area sweepers in North America, we rely on our distributor partners throughout the country to help sell, service and promote our products. We are always looking for geographical areas where we would like to develop to maximize profits while providing industry leading customer care. If you are ambitious and can add value to our expanding team, we would like to hear from you.

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