How To Maintain & Fix Your Haaga Sweeper


How To Maintain & Fix Your Haaga Sweeper

A Haaga sweeper is a great investment into the cleanliness of your property. They are commonly used to clean both indoor and outdoor areas efficiently. Whether you are using a battery-powered model or a simple manual model, you want to ensure the lastability of your sweeper. Haaga sweepers are designed to be durable and provide years of cleaning, but just like with any cleaning equipment, proper maintenance and repairs are necessary.

Haaga Sweeper Manuals

The first and most important step in taking care of your Haaga Sweeper is to follow the instructions in your manual. User manuals can teach how to properly use and maintain your Haaga sweeper long-term. If you need a replacement manual for your Haaga Sweeper, please contact our team.

Haaga Sweeper Maintenace

Regular maintenance can help prevent needing repairs or replacement parts. Whenever you are not using your Haaga sweeper make sure to store it upright. Avoid bending the brushes as this can damage them over time. Compressed air can help remove any dirt or debris jamming up the interior components. Haaga sweepers are designed with self-lubricating gears but compressed air is always a good way to get rid of dirt and debris. If your bristles show wear and tear you may need to buy a replacement brush. The best way to increase the longevity of your Haaga sweeper is with regular cleaning. Filters can be removed and cleaned out with water.

Haaga Sweeper Replacement Parts

We provide replacement parts for all of the models that we carry. That includes the Haaga 355, Haaga 475, Haaga 477, Haaga 497, Haaga 677, and the Haaga 697. In the event that you lose a ball bearing, have an issue with an axel for the waste bin, or need to replace a brush we can help. We provide replacement parts as well as guidance on how to properly repair your Haaga sweeper. if you have questions about your Haaga sweeper feel free to reach out to our team for help maintaining and repairing your Haaga.

Replacement Batteries for Haaga Sweepers

Our team also provides replacement batteries for battery-powered Haaga Sweepers. Just like with a car battery, no battery is designed to last forever. One way to increase the lifespan of your battery is to make sure you fully charge it between uses. Whenever you are not charging your battery use the protective red cap to protect the charging tip.

Contact Us For More Information

If you have any questions about Haaga sweepers or how to properly maintain or repair your sweeper we are happy to be a resource for you. Feel free to give us a call or send us a message to get guidance on Haaga sweepers.

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