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HAAGA 497 Manual Sweeper


HAAGA 497 Manual Sweeper

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The Haaga 497 Manual sweeper is part of the manual powered fleet of sweeping machines. Deluxe Turbo Sweeper,Haaga easy to operate sweeper, 38-inches width, triple brush system sweeper. No electricity needed. The patented Turbo sweeping system sweeps twice with one move.. The two front brushes rotate in opposite directions grabbing the debris directly in front of the sweeper while the brush roller on the bottom picks up all the fine particles, all the debris is then deposited into the large easy to empty 13.2 gallon container.

The sweeper with the patented Haaga three brush Turbo sweeping system sweeps everything from fine sand, street dirt, wet and dry leaves, stones and cigarette stubs. Yards, side walks and car parks can be quickly cleaned with minimal effort. Sweeps up fine and coarse dirt. Sweeps up dry as well wet leaves. Space saving storage, with out loosing contents from waste bin. Problem free, belt-less drive. Light weight construction for fatigue-free operation.

3 reviews for HAAGA 497 Manual Sweeper

  1. Robert Gleim

    My primary reason for purchasing the sweeper was for removing fine stones from my asphalt paved driveway. I have a half mile long by 12 ft wide asphalt driveway, with a 350 ft elevation change. Over the last 8 years, very small stone chips (1/64 to 1/32 inch) have worn off the surface of the driveway thru wear and freeze/thaw cycles of the winter. Owning two sport cars with large, sticky tires, the stones would be easily picked up by the tires and propelled back against the sides of the cars. To prevent damage from these stones, I tried brooming the entire driveway multiple times, but the broom would only clear larger stones (1/8+ inch in size). I had investigated rotary brooms for my tractors, but these ran $6500+. Finally, I broke down and purchased the Haaga 497 on sale for $855, and I am very pleased with its performance and durability.

    I have owned the Haaga for several months and have used it to clear the driveway about every two weeks. While it doesn’t pick up every fine stone (~75% of stones smaller than 1/32 inch), it easily picks up all the larger stones and debris greater than 1/16 of an inch. Please keep in mind I have an unsealed asphalt driveway, so the surface is pretty rough (deeper than 1/8 inch). When I use it in my garage with the smooth concrete floors, it picks up everything including fine dust. The first time I used it on my driveway, I easily picked up 250+ lbs of very fine stone chips. I had to empty it at least 10+ times. Each time I sweep the driveway it gets cleaner and I pick up less and less stone chips. I can now drive up and down my driveway without hearing the clickety clack of fine stones against the fenders and rocker panels.

    With regard to durability, it takes about an hour and 15 minutes to sweep the entire driveway and I have done this 8 times so far. I have swept a little over 253,000 sq. ft. or nearly 6 acres. The unit is no worse for the wear other than the dust that gathers on the outside due to static. I have noticed one issue that you should be made aware. While the sweeper works well for picking up debris from dust to soda can size, its ability greatly depends on the weight of the objects. For example, the unit easily picks up an empty soda can, but a chunk of wood the same shape and size is too heavy to be swept up. Similarly, a 2x2x2 inch block of wood is easily swept but a stone of the same size will not budge. Lastly, this is Haaga’s largest push sweeper. If you plan to sweep for over an hour at a time, I suggest that you be in good shape. While the unit isn’t overly heavy, it isn’t feather lite either.

  2. Robert T.

    Been beating this sweeper around the warehouse and parking lot, Still waiting to find something it wont sweep up. If it stays working, great value. If it breaks in the first year im going to be upset. Its a little light duty. I feel i have to put effort into not hurting it, but maybe its more durable than i think. Cant figure out why its this expensive. Would feel great about the purchase if it was closer to $750. At the same time, cant find a competing product that does half the job as well as this.

  3. Brad R.

    I am in love! My old sweeper would not pick up wet stuff in or after a hard rain. But the Haaga gobbles up wet trash so fast; even in puddles, that my work time on the parking lot was cut in half. I love the fact that it is light and easy to transport back and forth to work. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a large area to do.

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