Outdoor Sweepers For Apartment Buildings

Outdoor Manual & Battery-Powered Sweepers

A clean apartment building is vital to keeping your current tenants happy, impressing new applicants, and maintaining your reputation online. A janitorial company might be able to clean your lobby, hallways, and staircases, but not all cleaning companies provide services for outside your building and for parking garages, rooftops, and decks. That is where outdoor sweepers from Haaga US come in. Our sweepers are perfect for any size job either large or small. 

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Manual Outdoor Sweepers For Apartment Buildings

Manual sweepers are perfect for handling small jobs like cleaning sidewalks and spaces around entrances and exits. When combined with entrance matting, an outdoor manual sweeper can protect your lobby floors from tenants tracking in dirt and mud. If your building allows for pets, manual sweepers are even more valuable as they can help prevent debris from building up outside your building that pets might track in. Manual sweepers handle both wet and dry debris making them perfect for picking up wet leaves or left over road salt after a winter storm.

Battery-Powered Outdoor Sweepers For Apartments & Condominiums

For larger outdoor proects, property managers should consider using battery-powered sweepers. These sweepers efficiently clean a larger area much quicker than either a manual sweeper or a simple broom and dustpan. Clean parking lots, parking garages, roof top lounges, and outdoor deck spaces quickly by using these sweepers. Keeping amenities clean can keep your residents happy. An outdoor battery powered sweeper is ideal for any size project, and is a great way to make sure your entire property demonstrates your building’s dedication to cleanliness. 

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