Commercial Sweepers for Healthcare Facilities

Outdoor Manual & Battery-Powered Sweepers

Cleanliness is paramount to any medical facility. Keeping your entire property clean whether you are a private practice, hospital, or urgent care facility is necessary. Haaga Sweepers can help you effectively clean common areas of your medical facility including outdoor spaces near entrances, parking lots, and garages. Depending on the size of the project, a manual outdoor sweeper or powered sweeper may work better.


Manual Outdoor Sweepers For Hotels

Manual sweepers are ideal for quickly cleaning up outdoor areas. Instead of using a simple broom and dustpan, an outdoor sweeper can quickly pick up debris. Outdoor sweepers handle both wet and dry materials making them excellent for quickly clearing any mess outside your doors. Manual sweepers are perfect for smaller projects, so if you want to clean a small parking lot or simply just keep the entrances and exits clear of dirt and debris, this is the perfect solution for you. For larger projects battery-powered sweepers might be a better choice.

Battery-Powered Outdoor Sweepers For Hotels

Battery powered sweepers take the same technology of our manual sweepers and add a convenient battery that makes cleaning even more efficient. These sweepers are perfect for larger outdoor areas like cleaning parking garages or larger lots. An outdoor sweeper can help keep your facility clean and free of messes and debris. Whether its picking up wet leaves or handling garbage, our sweepers can quickly handle any problem.

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