Leaf Blowers vs Battery-Powered Sweepers

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Leaf Blowers vs Battery-Powered Sweepers

There are a variety of tools you can use to keep your commercial facility or residential home clean. Two of the most common solutions for handling leaves, dirt, and debris, are battery-powered sweepers and leaf blowers. Each has its pros and cons. in this article we will cover the various factors that you should consider when deciding between a leaf blow and a sweeper.

Cleaning Method: Leaf Blower vs Sweeper

There are a variety of benefits to using a power sweeper over a traditional leaf blower. The first is the obvious difference between cleaning methods. While a power sweeper picks up debris so that you can easily dispose of it, a leaf blower moves debris around. Leaf blowers can kick dirt and dust in the air that will resettle over time. Additionally, any larger debris like leaves, sticks, and trash can easily blow back later. With a sweeper, you are actually collecting the debris for easy removal. This is a superior cleaning method as you can actually decrease the trash around your property.

Noise issues: Leaf Blowers vs Sweepers

One of the largest issues with leaf blowers is the loud volume. Cleaning with a leaf blower can make a lot of noise which can interrupt regular business. This means having to either be disruptive or waiting until the business is over to clean, potentially adding hours to your day. Alternatively, a sweeper can clean quietly and be less disruptive.

Cleaning Efficiency: Leaf Blowers vs Sweepers

Another reason to choose a power sweeper over a leaf blower is that they provide a more efficient clean. Trying to get things to blow away can take much longer than simply passing over them once with a battery-powered sweeper. Plus sweepers like the Haaga brand are designed with patented technology so that they can pick up more debris in a single pass. This can save you and your team time which means more time to work on other projects.

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