HAAGA 697 Battery Sweeper


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Haaga US is the largest distributor of Haaga Sweepers and Sweeper parts in America. Our team ships both sweepers and parts all over the country. If you have a Haaga 697 sweeper and need parts shipped to your business, you can shop directly by part above. We provide every part from screws to handles, brushes, and more. If you have any questions about replacing parts on your Haaga 697 Battery-Powered Sweeper, please give us a call. Our team is experience with every Haaga Sweeper product and can help you get the parts you need and help with repairing your Haaga Sweeper. Click below for a full list of Haaga 697 replacement parts.

What Projects Is the Haaga 697 Best For?

If you are trying to decide on what type of sweeper you want for your property, or trying to figure out which Haaga model will provide the most cleaning efficiency, we can help. The Haaga 697 is ideal for larger facilities. Some examples include:

  • Large Warehouses
  • Agricultural Facilities
  • Multi-Tier Parking Garages
  • Large Lots 

Every Haaga Sweeper (both battery-powered & manual) provides an efficient walk-behind cleaning experience. But if you are cleaning a larger area, we recommend a sweeper like the 697 because of how the battery-powered system cleans faster. If you need a recommendation on a sweeper, give us a call. 

How Do I Use My Haaga 697 Battery-Powered Sweeper?

Haaga Sweepers are designed with a patented three-brush system that makes it easy to quickly clean large areas. To use your sweeper, you need to charge the battery first. The knob on the front of the sweeper can be used to adjust the height of the sweeper. The pin on the side of the sweeper can be used to clean against edges by pinning protruding brushes. When the hopper gets fully, simply empty the bin into the trash. Haaga sweepers are faster than traditional sweeping & more environmentally friendly than leaf blowers. If you have any questions, please give us a call. 

How Do I Store & Maintain My Haaga 697 Sweeper

Haaga Sweepers require very little maintenance, that said, like any cleaning equipment proper storage and maintenance can keep your sweeper working effectively long-term. When you are done sweeping it is recommended to hang the sweeper by the handle to provide putting weight and tension on the brushes. You should also remove and clean the filters regularly so they can continue to filter dust/dirt. This video covers how to properly clean filters & store your sweeper. 

Get A Recommendation On A New Sweeper from Haaga US

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interested in getting a sweeper for your property? If you need help deciding on a sweeper for your business, we would be happy to help. Our team works with businesses throughout the country to provide sweepers, parts, and can help you get the perfect sweeper for your facility. Give us a call for more information on manual and battery


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