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    HAAGA 355 Manual Sweeper

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    HAAGA 475 Manual Sweeper

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    HAAGA 477 Manual Sweepers

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    HAAGA 497 Manual Sweeper

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Shop Manuel Sweepers From Haaga Online

Whether you need to clean your commercial warehouse, parking lot, or the spaces in between, our fleet of Haaga manual-powered sweepers will get the job done. With two front brushes that rotate to pick up debris and a fine dirt brush underneath, any and all dirt and debris in front of and to the sides of your sweeper will be cleaned up.

Haaga can sweep small and large areas and removes fine and coarse trash as well as dry or wet material easily, cleanly, and effectively. No matter what commercial or industrial setting you will be using your Haaga sweeper, our team is happy to advise you as you select the right manual sweeper for your needs.

Haaga Sweepers are perfect for projects of all sizes. If you are looking to clean a larger area, a battery-powered sweeper may be a better fit for your property. If you would like a recommendation on whether to get a battery powered sweeper or a manual sweeper, please contact us.

Haaga 697 being used on sidewalk

How To Use Manual Sweepers From Haaga

Using your Haaga sweeper is easy. The patented three-brush technology makes it quick and convenient to pick up outdoor and indoor garbage by simply pushing the Haaga sweeper forward as you move throughout your property. When you are done cleaning and you have emptied out the bin of the trash you have picked up, you can hang up your Haaga Sweeper conveniently in a closet or other area for simple storage.  With a battery-powered model you should always make sure to charge it between cleanings so you are always working with a full battery when you plan to clean.

Shop For Parts For You Haaga Sweeper

If you need replacement screws, handles, brushes or other parts for your Haaga Sweeper, we have you covered. We provide replacement parts for your entire machine down to the smallest screw. Whatever you need, our team would be happy to ship it to you. 

To buy replacement parts we recommend going to the replacement parts page for your exact model so you can browse through the schematic and choose the exact part you are missing. 

Otherwise if you would like help identifying the part you need replaced, or if you have any questions about maintaining and using your Haaga sweeper, we would be happy to assist. We can help answer any questions about both our manual and battery-powered sweepers.