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Haaga Sweepers is the leader in sweeping design and technology

Haaga Sweepers - North America

Official Master Distributor of Haaga Sweepers in North America.

HAAGA US is the official master distributor of HAAGA branded sweepers in the United States. HAAGA Sweeping Systems LLC, which is situated in Germany, about 20 km southeast from Stuttgart, is a global company that has been one of the pioneers in its field for well over 40 years. HAAGA‘s main expertise is the development of modern and high-power sweeping machines. Our products are developed and manufactured with firm conviction exclusively in Germany in order to ensure their top quality. We place a high value on environmentally – friendly and CO2 – neutral production. In order to keep the customer‘s travel distance as short as possible, we work with a select network of dealers. To assist you with operation and repairs you can contact our customer service team.

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Looking for commercial cleaning equipment for your business? Bissell BigGreen Commercial is a proud partner of Haaga Sweepers. They have a full line of commercial cleaning equipment including vacuums, floor machines, carpet extractor, scrubbers and more.