Power Sweepers For Storage Facilities

Manual & Battery-Powered Sweepers

Haaga provides amazing sweepers designed to quickly clean indoor and outdoor areas. With their propriety technology, these sweepers can quickly pick up both wet and dry debris in a single pass. We highly recommend Haaga’s manual and battery-powered sweepers for cleaning warehouses, residential storage facilities, and commercial storage properties. These sweepers are designed to quickly and efficiently pick up debris throughout a facility, making cleaning more efficient overall. 

interior of commercial storage facility

Manual Outdoor Sweepers For Residential Storage

Many residential properties provide on-site storage, and there are also many storage facilities in towns and suburbs to help local homeowners store excess goods. These smaller facilities are ideal for manual sweepers. Our Haaga Manual sweepers make cleaning a breeze. If there is dirt, dust, or larger debris left behind by previous visitors, our sweepers can quickly pick it up and clean the area. The Haaga 355 manual sweeper is easy to operate and features a 21-inch cleaning path, perfect for indoor and outdoor storage facilities. This sweeper can quickly pick up dry and wet leaves in outdoor spaces as well as packing peanuts and other small debris that might accumulate around 

Battery-Powered Outdoor Sweepers For Commercial Storage Facilities

Larger facilities that handle commercial storage may need battery-powered sweepers. Our battery-powered sweepers utilize the same great design while cleaning faster. We have a variety of sizes to choose from so you can select the perfect sweepers for your facility. Constantly moving commercial goods can quickly lead to debris littering your floors which over time can decrease efficiency. By routinely sweeping up small and medium-sized debris, you can keep your floors clear of any garbage, and keep operations running smoothly. 

haaga battery

Contact Haaga US For More Information

At Haaga US we want to help you find the perfect sweepers for your cleaning team. For commercial and residential storage facilities, we highly recommend our battery-powered and manual Haaga sweepers. Our sweepers are designed for efficiency, durability, and versatility. We would be happy to provide any additional information you might need about our battery-powered and manual sweepers, as well as answer any of your questions. To contact our team please give us a call at 855 797 0478 or by sending us a contact form through our website.