Power Sweepers For Commercial Cleaning Companies

Manual & Battery-Powered Sweepers

Our team provides amazing manual and power sweepers designed to quickly clean any outdoor area as well as clean indoor spaces including warehouse floors. Commercial cleaning companies often need to complete hundreds of cleaning tasks per day, with the help of our manual and battery-powered sweepers, your team can quickly handle outdoor areas much quicker than if you were using brooms, dustpans, or other equipment. Each of our sweepers is designed to maximize efficiency from cleaning path to hopper capacity to weight and size. 

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Manual Outdoor Sweepers For Commercial Cleaning Companies

Whether you provide on-site cleaning services for businesses, residential properties, or for other facilities, our manual sweepers are perfect for handling small and mid-size jobs around a property. Our manual sweepers can quickly clean parking lots, outside entrances/exits, as well as outdoor dining facilities. Our sweepers pick up wet and dry materials in a single pass thanks to their patented multi-brush systems. Our smaller sweepers are perfect for fitting in tight spaces, which means porter cleaning services can use them to great effect in parking lots and other crowded areas. They are not disruptive and effective ways to quickly and efficiently clean. 

Battery-Powered Outdoor Sweepers For Commercial Cleaning Companies

For larger facilities, projects and cleaning operations, we recommend battery-powered sweepers. These sweepers combine the same great technology that lets them clean in a single pass and increases the efficiency by using a small battery, allowing you clean quicker. This is perfect for parking garages with multiple floors, large manufacturing facilities or farm/agricultural facilities, warehouses, etc. Both the US-5 and US-9 sweepers are ideal for cleaning larger facilities. The US-5 Compact Sweeper has a two-foot cleaning path which is ideal for cleaning tight spaces. For instance, if you are cleaning a parking garage and need to squeeze the sweeper between vehicles and the edges of the garage. The US-9 can quickly clean larger paths due to its almost three-foot cleaning path and larger hopper capacity. 

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Contact Haaga US For More Information

At Haaga US we want to help you find the perfect sweepers for your cleaning team. We understand that cleaning teams need the best equipment that is both durable, versatile, and easy to use. We would be happy to provide any additional information you might need about our battery-powered and manual sweepers, as well as answer any of your questions. To contact our team please give us a call at 855 797 0478 or by sending us a contact form through our website.