Power Sweepers For Manufacturing Facilities & Warehouses

Manual & Battery-Powered Sweepers

Haaga US provides manual and battery-powered sweepers that can quickly and efficiently clean large areas. Both types of sweepers can be used indoors and outdoors to quickly sweep up debris. Manufacturers, storage facilities, and warehouses can all greatly benefit from our sweepers. They are an effective way to quickly clean an area which gives you and your team more time to work on other projects and is non-disruptive. Sweepers pick up both wet & dry and large & small debris. Keep your floors clean with our sweepers. 

Manual Outdoor Sweepers For Warehouses

haaga 355 in action aisle

We provide a variety of manual sweepers. These sweepers can help your team clean the floors of your warehouse or storage facility much quicker than using brooms and dustpans. The Haaga 355 manual sweeper for example features a 21-inch cleaning path and a triple brush system. It also features Haaga’s patented three brush system which allows it to clean twice with one single move. The sweeper features a lightweight design which makes it easy to push around your facility without worrying about fatigue. And with the 13-gallon container, you can easily clean small and medium facilities without sacrificing manueverability. Learn more about this sweeper and other manual sweepers by browsing our list of manual sweepers. 

Battery-Powered Outdoor Sweepers For Manufacturing Facilities

For larger facilities, we highly recommend using one of our battery-powered models. These models are designed to quickly and effectively clean larger areas by utilizing a battery-powered motor. They also feature the same patented technology of our manual sweepers, meaning that they feature lightweight builds and multiple brushes designed to leave no debris behind as you work through your facility. Both the US-5 Compact Sweeper and the US-9 Larger Sweeper are great options for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and storage facilities. The US-5 Compact Sweeper has a smaller hopper capacity but is more maneuverable and features a two-foot cleaning path which makes it perfect for tight aisles and spaces. The US-9 can quickly clean larger paths with its almost three-foot cleaning path and larger hopper capacity. 

haaga battery

Contact Haaga US For More Information

At Haaga US we want to help you get the perfect sweepers for your storage facility or warehouse. We would be happy to provide any additional information you might need about our powered and manual sweepers, as well as answer any of your questions. To contact our team please give us a call at 855 797 0478 or by sending us a contact form through our website.