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How to Reduce Slips, Trips & Falls in Your Business

How to Reduce Slips, Trips & Falls in Your Business

Slips, trips, and falls are the leading cause of workplace injuries, whether they are minor or severe, and are the most common reason for workers compensation claims. In order to help reduce injuries in the workplace and keep your staff and customer safe, it’s crucial to reduce potential hazards that lead to these injuries.

Here are the ways you can proactively reduce slips, trips, and falls in your business.

1. Keep walking areas clean and clear of clutter. Keeping the walking areas in your business clean and clear of clutter, you’re able to provide individuals with an unobstructed path, which minimizes the risk of injury as well as reduces the potential for spills, creating a slipping hazard.

2. Proper lighting throughout the property. Most hazards that cause falls and trips are hidden by darkness or shadows, making proper lighting throughout the property crucial to help avoid any trips and falls.

3. Signage.  Having well-placed signage to alert employees and customers of potential hazards. Signs that indicate steps, gaps, uneven grounds, or loose materials will also help increase awareness of hazards throughout the property.

4. Easily accessible step stools. To help avoid injuries and help employees reach shelving easier, keep step stools around the property in easy to access areas.

5. Manage cords. Power, internet, and phone cords can be very dangerous, especially when they are left out in walking areas. To avoid trips and falls, try to run cables behind walls, under carpets, and to the sides of rooms.

6. Clean up spills immediately. After a spill happens, clean it up immediately to avoid the liquid to penetrate into the flooring and to help avoid any slips. When a spill does happen, be sure to use signage to direct people around the effected area.

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