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Haaga Sweepers Can Keep a Facility Clean

Our team at HaagaUS understands the time and effort it takes to maintain a clean, efficient warehouse. The last thing any company wants to worry about is paying someone to sweep a facility. With Haaga sweepers, you’re able to efficiently sweep a large area whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Not only will it be easier to ensure a clean facility, but it will also save money in labor costs while doing so. Why should you invest in keeping your facility clean? Here are three reasons you should take a look at the Haaga sweeper line to maintain a clean facility.

Why You Should Invest in Haaga’s Commercial Sweepers

haaga sweeper warehouse

  1. Increase work production with a clean warehouse. Sweeping floors regularly will help prevent dust buildup in your work area. This, in turn, will allow employees to stay focused on an organized area making daily tasks easier to perform. You can read a more in-depth article on the effects of a clean warehouse at
  2. Decrease workplace injuries. Creating a cleaning schedule to clean a facility will drastically reduce the potential for any job site accidents. Using our large area sweepers to pick up big debris and small particles like dust will help make this process more efficient.
  3. Increased product life cycle. Maintaining a clean warehouse will also prolong the life cycle of a product. By sweeping your facility regularly, this will help to reduce the dust on any unprotected boxes. That dust and dirt is not attractive when a customer receives your product and could negatively impact any future sales.

As you can see there are some crucial points to take the cleanliness of a warehouse seriously. The Haaga sweeper line with our HAAGA 677 and HAAGA 697 battery-operated units are the most popular units for cleaning warehouses. The continual turning of the brushes on the battery-operated large sweepers make cleaning around obstacles more efficient. These units are also gear driven, so if 2 hours of run time is not enough the units can be pushed manually to ensure there is no downtime. If you have any questions, please contact our sweeper experts today.

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