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Save Time & Money with Haaga’s Commercial Sweepers
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Save Time & Money with Haaga’s Commercial Sweepers

Save time and money? Labor is a hot topic. Whether it’s controlling costs, navigating overtime and minimum wage regulations or competing for a skilled workforce, business owners are keenly focused on labor issues. And because labor is also one of the highest costs of doing business, finding solutions to cut operating expenses is an important strategy.

In the Convenience store industry, this topic is constantly brought to the front lines of store management. According to a publication from the National Association of Convenience stores (NACS Magazine), direct store operating expenses (DSOE) grew by 6.1%, an increase that was driven mainly by higher labor costs. Wages were up 8.1%, workers compensation up 16.0%, and health insurance up 10.6%. The NACS State of the Industry Compensation Report of 2016 Data reported the average hourly wage for a convenience store associate was $9.99, up 55 cents (5.8%) from the year prior. This trend is happening in all industries and it doesn’t look like it is going to end any time soon.

Save Money with Haaga’s Commercial Sweepers

So where can business owners save money? Having a clean store or facility in today’s age is a crucial part of operating a business, but is it worth paying such a high hourly wage for workers to use a dustpan and broom? Haaga sweepers provide the opportunity for your workers to reduce the amount of time spent cleaning, so they can focus on more important day-to-day tasks. Haaga ‘s sweeper line creates a quicker more efficient solution to keeping a facility clean, indoors and outdoors. Reducing daily cleaning time over the course of a year will drastically increase the productivity of each employee on more meaningful tasks.

HaagaUS provides North America with manual or battery-operated large area sweepers. The manual version of the sweepers is gear driven and ideal for large open areas, like parking lots, convention centers, car washes and more. The battery version has a 2-hour run time and can operate with a manual push if the battery runs out of charge. The battery version is ideal for warehouses, store isles, stables and more. Both versions come in either 31-inch or 38-inch sizes.

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