How To Buy Haaga Sweeper Replacement Parts Online

How To Buy Haaga Sweeper Replacement Parts Online

Haaga Sweepers are versatile tools for cleaning indoor and outdoor areas for your business or other property. With their patented three-brush technology and adjustable cleaning settings you can handle large and small debris throughout your property. But, it is possible that over time, a part of your sweeper can get damages. We sell and ship replacement parts for Haaga Sweepers online. Click below to find the parts you need, and read on for more information on Haaga Repair & Replacement. 

Buy Replacement Parts for Your Haaga Sweeper Online







How To Replace Parts for Your Haaga Sweepers

If you need to replace a part of your Haaga Sweeper like a screw, wheel, or brush, the first thing to do is consult the manual for your specific Haaga Sweeper and get the replacement part that you need. If you do not have a manual or a parts list for your Haaga Sweeper, you can contact us, or go to the page for your model sweeper and see the parts diagram in the photos as well as a list of replacement parts organized by their number. 

Once you have identified the part the that needs to be replaced, you can order that part directly from us and it will be shipped to your address. How you replace the part will depend on the specific part that you are replacing. For example, If there is an issue with a brush, you will need to take the brush apart replace the main brush and then rebuild it. Whereas replacing a handle or battery will be a more streamlined process. If you have questions about how to replace a specific part in your Haaga Sweeper, please give us a call, we can help provide the part and walk through the steps of replacing the part. 

Should You Replace Your Haaga Sweeper?

Depending on damage to your Haaga Sweeper you might consider a full replacement. There are a few factors to consider before buying a brand new Haaga Sweeper. First and foremost, you should look into the price of getting the replacement parts you need vs the price of getting a brand new sweeper. If there is extensive damage to your sweeper due to an issue and it would require many replacement parts, it might be easier to buy a new sweeper. You might also consider switching to a different Sweeper. If you have enjoyed using your Haaga Sweeper, but could benefit from a different model because it is either battery-powered or has a different cleaning width or capacity, it might make more sense to buy the new sweeper instead of repairing the old one. If you would like a recommendation on repairing vs replacing a sweeper or on what sweeper is best for your property, please contact our team. 

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