What Is The Best Way To Clean A Parking Lot?

benefits of outdoor cleaning

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Parking Lot?

Many cleaning companies will mention that the first thing a customer sees is your lobby or entrance, and that first initial entrance is going to make their first impression of your business. But one thing people don’t consider is that the interaction with a business actually starts in the parking lot. Garbage and other debris near your place of business can greatly impact how someone feels about your business. Seeing garbage can make someone feel like a business is behind on upkeep. That is why it is important to consider parking lot cleaning as well as interior cleaning.

benefits of outdoor cleaning

Steps To Cleaning A Parking Lot

Cleaning your parking lot is something that needs to be a part of your daily/weekly operations. Just like cleaning any room your customers or clients interact with, it is vital that from the moment they leave their car to the moment they drive away, you demonstrate that your business is clean and professional. While this is a project that needs to be handled year-round, different projects might need to be tackled based on the time of year. 

  1. De-Weeding: During the spring and summer months you should consider solutions for removing any weeds or plant growth that is growing in cracks in the parking lot. Weed killers and similar products can prevent the growth of vegetation on sidewalks and parking lots. 
  2. Snow Removal: During the winter months it is important to remove snow and ice, not only will this signal to passersby that your business is open after a snowstorm, but it will also make it safer to drive and walk in your parking lot. Plowing and spreading salt is the most effective way to handle snow and ice. 
  3. Leaves & Pollen Removal: During the transitional seasons of spring and fall there can be an increase in plant debris in your lot. A sweeper is the most effective way to remove leaves, twigs, and pollen. Not only can this prevent allergens like pollen being in the air, it also reduces the risk of a popped tire from when a car runs over branch, and it reduces tracked in dirt and leaves into your business. 

When To Powerwash Your Business Parking Lot

If there is growth of moss or other stains in your parking lot, it might be time to power wash the concrete. The high pressure from a power washing device can remove stains caused by leaked oil or road salt. Additionally the pressure from the water can push away other debris. 

Should You Use A Leaf Blower To Clean A Lot?

Probably not. A leaf blower has a few key drawbacks. The noise pollution can bother customers and passersby, the equipment is not environmentally friendly, and most importantly, you aren’t really removing the debris but pushing them somewhere else. A simple gust of wind can return the debris back to your lot. This would be like sweeping without a dustpan and trashcan. Moving all of the garbage and other debris to your neighbors lots is also not going to be appreciated. 

What's The Best Way To Sweep A Parking Lot?

For a small business the best way to handle a small parking lot or sidewalk is with a manual sweeper like the ones from Haaga. They quickly pick up wet & dry debris and well as small and large debris. More importantly they are environmentally friendly, easy to use, and provide a quick cleaning solution. Haaga Sweepers are highly efficient and can be adjusted on the fly to switch from cleaning small debris like dirt or pollen to large debris like twigs and soda cans. Sweeping is much more effective 

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Shop For Haaga Walk-Behind Sweeper Supplies Online

If you are looking to buy a sweeper or any replacement parts or accessories for your sweeper, you can visit our online store to browse our products. For more information on our products, please give us a call for more information.

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