What Should You Look For In A Warehouse Sweeper?

What Should You Look For In A Warehouse Sweeper?

Here at Haaga US we provide a variety of sweepers that are perfect for different applications. One question you might consider, is what factors should you consider when shopping for a sweeper. For example, if you are thinking about getting a sweeper for an industrial or commercial warehouse, how do you pick the correct one? For starters, we highly recommend the entire Haaga brand because of the patented three-brush technology featured with our sweepers that leads to a quick cleaning experience. Beyond that though, you should consider core factors including the size of your property, the cleaning path width around your property and whether or not you need a battery-powered sweeper. For a specific recommendation for your business, give us a call. 

Consider The Size Of Your Warehouse

When considering the size of your warehouse you should note a few different pieces of information. One of the key differences between sweepers are the different cleaning paths and hopper capacities. On the one hand a larger cleaning path and larger capacity makes it easier to clean a large room quickly without needing to empty the machine frequently. On the other hand a larger cleaning path also means less maneuverability. You should consider the width of any aisles or hallways within your warehouse when looking at the cleaning paths of different sweepers. You don’t want to sacrifice maneuverability for and increased cleaning path if you have any tight spaces you need to clean. 

Alternatively if you are cleaning a large open space with your sweeper, you are going to want a large sweeper that cleans a wide path and can hold a lot of debris. Additionally, you might want to consider a battery-powered model that can clean even quicker if you have a large warehouse or multiple floors that you need to clean. 

Different Haaga Sweepers For Sale







Battery-Powered Vs Walk Behind Sweepers For Warehouses

If you are planning to get a walk-behind sweeper you will need  to decide whether you are better off with a manual or a battery-powered model. Battery-powered sweepers clean much faster but also need to be recharged. Battery-powered sweepers are often recommended for industrial facilities, agricultural facilities, and large warehouses because it will greatly impact the time it takes to clean. Manual sweepers on the other hand are often recommended for smaller facilities and businesses like storage facilities. If you would like a recommendation for your property, give us a call. 

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