Cleaning & Disinfection Tips For Agricultural Facilities

Cleaning & Disinfection Tips For Agricultural Facilities

One of the more difficulty industries when it comes to cleaning is the agricultural industry. On the one hand, livestock and agricultural goods generate a variety of messes. On the other hand, the importance of keeping facilities clean is even higher because of the products produced and sold from farms. Compared to other industries there are both more messes to handle and more of a need to make sure that facilities are cleaned and disinfected. To that end it is important to understand routine cleaning and disinfection projects from sweeping areas where you, your team, and your livestock walk, to disinfecting surfaces. In this article we will provide some information on coming cleaning goals for agricultural facilities. Our team also provides cleaning solutions for sweeping indoor and outdoor areas. Our Sweepers are frequently used by agricultural facilities to handle wet and dry debris. Continue reading to learn more. 

Sweeping Solutions For Agricultural Facilities


One of the first things to consider is handling daily sweeping tasks. Indoor and outdoor facility floors need to be kept clear to prevent buildup and issues moving things from place to place. A great solution is a battery-powered or manual sweeper like the ones we sell here at Haaga US. A good sweeper cleans much more efficiently than using either a leaf blower or a broom and dust pan. Our sweepers are also designed to clean large and small debris from branches down to pollen and saw dust. You can browse both our manual and battery-powered walk behind sweepers by clicking below. 

Storage And Management

Another area that needs special attention is how feed and produce is stored. It is vital that feed bunks and storage areas are inaccessible to rodents or other wildlife. There should be routine checks to make sure that these areas are safe from pests, and checks for signs of mold or other rot. Mold and rot spread so it is important to routinely remove items as they go bad. Feed should also not be stored on the ground. Pallets can ensure that feed is a few inches above the ground. Routinely areas around feed should be swept up and cleaned. Remaining feed or produce can rot and lead to the spread of decay. 

Disinfection For Animal Pens

One of the most important elements of any livestock farm is making sure you have multiple pens to take care of animal.s Maternity pens should only be used for birthing animals, while sick pens can help protect your animals in the event that a single one or small groups needs to be quarantined. All kennels need to cleaned regularly to remove waste. Walls and floors should be regularly disinfected. Power washing is often recommended for cleaning, and hot water or steam can be used to destroy a variety of bacteria and viruses. 

Sweeping Equipment For Farms

If you own farmland and are interested in getting high quality sweeping equipment that will make it easier to clean al area area quickly, we highly recommend our manual and battery-powered sweepers. For more information give us a call.

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