What Is The Best Industrial Warehouse Walk-Behind Sweeper?

Commercial and industrial sweepers are often used to help clean warehouses and other large facilities. But it is important to choose the right sweeper for the job. The right sweeper should account for the following: correct cleaning path, efficient cleaning, and provide the correct features for your property. Here at Haaga US we distribute a variety of Haaga Sweepers for warehouses and properties throughout America. Our sweepers feature patented technology to help clean messes quicker and more effectively. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of our sweepers or click below to browse the different sweepers we provide. If you are interested in a specific recommendation for your property, please contact us.  

What Makes Haaga Walk Behind Sweepers The Best Choice For Warehouses?


Haaga Sweepers utilize a patented three-brush turbo system for cleaning properties. This system makes it easier to clean an area in a single pass. The two front brushes bring items into a third brush underneath the machine to help catch debris of all sizes. Haaga Sweepers also clean both wet and dry debris. We offer many different models of Haaga Sweepers including both manual and battery-powered walk behind sweepers. Manual sweepers are ideal for smaller projects while the battery-powered machines can help clean large spaces quickly. 

Choosing The Right Size Sweeper For Your Property

Haaga provides different size sweepers. For example, the 677 battery powered sweeper has a 31-inch width while the 697 battery powered sweeper has a 38-inch width. Larger sweepers can clear wider areas more effectively. But it is important to consider the aisles of your warehouse. If you need a sweeper that can clean in tighter spaces you will want to consider smaller and more maneuverable machines. For example the 9700SW Battery Sweeper has a much more maneuverable size but doesn’t have the same capacity that the 677 and 697 have. Both the 677 and 697 sweepers have a 13.2 gallon capacity making them ideal for large cleaning projects. 

What Types Of Messes Can Haaga Sweeper Clean Up?

Haaga Sweepers can be adjusted to clean both small/fine debris and large objects. They can also sweep wet and dry debris. They are a perfect solution for cleaning indoor and outdoor spaces. Many businesses use Haaga sweepers to clean lots, sidewalks, and of course warehouse floors. A Haaga Sweeper is the perfect choice for any warehouse that needs routine cleaning solutions. 

Shop For Industrial & Commercial Warehouse Sweepers

If you are looking for a great sweeper for your warehouse, a Haaga Sweeper can certainly help you with a variety of cleaning projects. If you would like a recommendation on a sweeper for your facility, we would be happy to help.