4 Benefits Of A Walk Behind Sweeper

4 Benefits Of A Walk Behind Sweeper

Walk-behind sweepers are a great option for large and small businesses. They are an effective solution for cleaning indoor and outdoor areas, especially when you use Haaga’s walk-behind sweepers. Whether you get a battery-powered or a manual sweeper, you can enjoy a variety of benefits over other cleaning methods for your property’s garages, floors, and outdoor areas. If you are interested in getting a Haaga sweeper for your business, please click below to learn more about our sweepers. 

Walk-Behind Sweepers Are Efficient


One of the key benefits of working with a Haaga walk behind sweeper is the cleaning efficiency. Compared to using a leaf blower or using a broom and dustpan, you can clean a floor much quicker with a walk behind sweeper. Manual sweepers are easily pushed throughout a property, and the cleaning path makes it easy to clean a property in just a few passes. Plus, with Haaga’s patented three brush technology, more dirt and debris is picked up with every single pass. 

Walk Behind Sweepers Are Better For The Environment

One of the most environmentally irresponsible ways to clean a property is to simply move debris off your property. For example using a leaf blower to push trash away from your parking lot or sidewalk doesn’t remove the trash from the local environment but just moves it. Whether it ends up in someone else’s property or in nature, it can be a problem. Plus, with a good gust of wind, you might find your work undone. By comparison, cleaning up parking lots with walk behind sweepers allows you to actually dispose of the trash and debris around your property. 

Walk Behind Sweepers Are Quiet

Whether you use a battery-powered model or a manual sweeper, a sweeper from Haaga makes little to no noise while you clean. Compared to loud cleaning devices like leaf blowers, you can quietly clean without disrupting your customers, employees, or other nearby people. This is perfect for apartment buildings that are cleaning parking garages and lots, or for restaurants, retail locations, etc. 

Walk Behind Sweepers Can Clean Different Types Of Messes

Another benefit of Haaga’s sweepers is what they can clean up. With their brush system they can pick up both wet and dry debris as well as large and small debris. Unstead of having to use multiple cleaning items to handle the mess, the Haaga Sweeper’s adjustable settings make it easier to clean in one go. 

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If you have any questions about Haaga Sweepers, or you would like a recommendation on which Haaga sweeper is right for your business, please click below to get in touch with our  team. We would be happy to discuss our sweepers in greater detail. 

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