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Why New England Businesses Should Get Haaga Outdoor Sweepers

Why New England Businesses Should Get Haaga Outdoor Sweepers

Fall is a beautiful season in New England. Most years, tourists from all over the country visit New England to watch the leaves change and fall. And although falling leaves look beautiful they can quickly become problems as they are tracked indoors. Crunching dead leaves can ruin indoor carpets and flooring. This is why many homeowners sweep their stoops and porches. But for commercial business, and outdoor sweeper is an ideal solution for fall weather conditions.

Manual Outdoor Sweepers From Haaga

Manual sweepers are an effective way to keep your outdoor area clean. During the fall, winter, and spring, sidewalks and walkways will be covered in debris. Whether it is wet leaves that are disintegrating into small muddy pieces, snow slush mixed with dirt and road salt, or pollen, you don’t want it tracked indoors. Not only can it look unsightly, but when someone walks over a carpet with mud and dirt caked into their shows they will likely pack it deeply into the carpet. In the short term, this causes staining. In the long-term, this will cause your carpet to fray and tear and will require new carpeting. It also pollutes indoor air quality and can affect individuals who have asthma or allergies.

Battery-Powered Outdoor Sweepers

If you have a lot of ground to cover for your outdoor space, a battery-powered sweeper model might be for you. Battery-powered outdoor sweepers are the perfect solution for when vacuuming will not be effective and using manual sweepers (or even a broom) would be too time-consuming to be valuable. Battery-powered sweepers are often the choice for apartment complexes that need to sweep up multiple floors of a parking garage or lot outside the building. Haaga sweepers are highly effective at cleaning large areas quickly while not sacrificing mobility and the need to get into tight spaces. This makes them ideal for lots and parking garages as sweepers will need to maneuver around parked vehicles.

Get Pricing on Haaga Outdoor Sweepers

If you own a property in New England, you know that our seasonal weather can lead to dirt, mud, road salt, leaves, and a whole host of other things on your floors and in your carpets. Beyond cleaning the inside of your property, the best way to protect your floors and carpets seasonally is with outdoor sweepers. To get pricing on Haaga equipment, please visit our store pages. For more information on how a Haaga sweeper can help you, please visit our contact page and send us a message.

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