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Should you Get A Manual or Battery-Powered Sweeper?

Should you Get A Manual or Battery-Powered Sweeper?

An outdoor sweeper provides a lot of value. Whether you manage an apartment building, a shopping center, or a simple office, keeping the outdoor area around you clean can help prevent messes indoors. This is especially significant for buildings with flooring or carpeting that is not resistant to damage caused by tracked-in debris. Wet leaves, dirt, mud, road salt, and other debris can destroy floors and carpets. Replacing them is much more expensive than simply keeping your facility clean. Plus a clean facility demonstrates to visitors a level of care and professionalism. However, when it comes to choosing an outdoor sweeper you have some factors to consider. One factor includes choosing between manual vs battery-powered models. Here are a few things to consider:

Benefits of Manual Sweepers

The chief benefit of a manual sweeper is the cost. Generally, they run cheaper than battery-powered models and can be just as effective if used correctly. Of course, the drawback is they are more work-heavy. A manual sweeper may need to make multiple passes over an area to ensure that the debris is effectively picked up. Manual sweepers are recommended for smaller projects. They are ideal for an office or retail owner that wants to keep the sidewalk in front of their building clean. They can also effectively clean small parking lots.

Benefits of Battery-Powered Sweepers

The chief benefit of a battery-powered sweeper is efficiency. With extra power and a motor, these sweepers can more effectively pick up dirt and debris as you work. They are most effective for commercial and industrial spaces. For instance, a parking garage with multiple floors at a mall or an airport would likely use a battery-powered sweeper to ensure that debris is tracked directly into the building. Battery-powered sweepers are also ideal for large parking lots and warehouses.

Choosing the Right Sweeper

Of course, even among manual and battery-powered sweepers, there are multiple options and multiple brands. Thousands of businesses in America trust Haaga-brand sweepers for reliable, durable, and consistent sweepers. Haaga provides multiple models of both their manual and battery-powered sweepers. Depending on the size and scale of your cleaning project, we are sure we can find you the right choice in sweepers.

Contact Haaga Sweepers of North America

No matter what type of sweeper you need, Haaga Sweepers of North America can help you choose the right one. We have been distributing sweepers and replacement parts for years and can make recommendations. Simply contact our team and we can help you choose the right sweeper that will get you the most for your investment.

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