Why Cleanliness Matters At Your Apartment Building

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Why Cleanliness Matters At Your Apartment Building

As a property manager, you likely feel like you are balancing a thousand spinning plates at once. From answering current tenants to setting up tours for new applicants every day has a hundred plus emails to handle. Of course, the most important aspect of your job is managing the property, which means handling everything from electricians to janitors and plumbers. Maintaining your building is extremely important as it has a direct influence on how your tenants feel about living at your property. A big part of maintaining your building is keeping it clean consistently.

A Clean Apartment Affects First Impressions For New Residents

When applicants come to tour, every aspect of their tour matters. From the friendliness of their tour guide to the amenities they can visit. Even the time it takes for the elevator to arrive might make them consider different places. Applicants know they have a very limited time to tour a new unit. In that hour they are looking for as many details as to find out whether or not they will continue with the application process. Because of this, cleanliness is a high priority. A messy lobby, hallway, or unit can be an indicator of a building that doesn’t take care of its tenants. If your applicant notices that there is a lot of litter in front of your building, dirt in the lobby, or that hallways have broken lights, they will likely see this as a reflection on the property management.

Keeping Your Tenants From Breaking Leases

When surveyed, tenants give many reasons for why they are breaking a lease. Some factors are uncontrollable. A sudden change in career or in a tenant’s life might cause them to either break their lease or not renew it. But when their reason is because of something lacking in the building, it can make their broken lease even more of an issue. Many tenants sight issues with neighbors, maintenance orders, amenities, and building cleanliness when they break their lease. Overall, if a tenant feels as if their building is poorly managed that will likely be a driving factor for a broken lease. Happy tenants are worth a lot to buildings. If tenants renew their lease at an increased rates year over year, there is a lot of benefit for the apartment building. Plus tenants that stay in the same property long term tend to be easier to manage compared to new tenants. Keeping your building clean, responding to tenant concerns, and ensuring that tenants are satisfied will likely keep your tenants longer.

Property Management in the Age of Online Reviews

Another reason to keep your building clean is to mitigate your online reviews. There are many review sites for apartment buildings and condos. And a few bad reviews can turn a lot of customers away from your building. This is especially true when many reviews site the same issue repeatedly giving validity to the problem. If there are a lot of reviews for a property about a lack of cleanliness or a lack of responsibility taken by the management team, it will cause more prospective tenants to avoid opening applications and could even cause new tenants to reconsider.

Keep Your Building Clean with Haaga Sweepers

Haaga US provides both electric and manual sweepers for outdoor use. These sweepers can effectively clean amenities around your building including parking lots, parking garages, rooftop decks, outdoor spaces, dog parks, and more. Keeping your building’s shared spaces clean can go a long way in keeping your tenants happy. Contact us for more information on our sweepers.

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