How Often Should You Clean Outdoor Patios

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How Often Should You Clean Outdoor Patios

If you own a commercial or residential property, you know the importance of keeping it clean. A clean property is important to you, your staff, and your guests. Cleanliness is deeply linked to the reputation of any building. This is true whether you own a restaurant, an apartment building, or even a public library. But when it comes to making a cleaning checklist, the outdoor spaces often get ignored. Many properties focus wholly on keeping the indoors clean that they can overlook outdoor patios. If you have an outdoor dining area, deck space for residents, or another patio, here are some tips for keeping it clean.

When To Powerwash

Over the years your beautiful outdoor patio will become coated in a layer of grime. Unlike your indoor spaces, your patio is constantly at the mercy of the elements. Whether you have a wooden deck, stonework, or synthetic material, it can become covered in a thin layer of grime and dirt. If left uncleaned for years, you may need to have it power washed to remove dirt, mold, and fungus. Some properties recommend power washing once a year or season, whereas others recommend waiting until grime starts to visibly develop. One thing that can help prevent the need to powerwash is regular cleaning.

Weekly Cleaning & Maintenance

Depending on what type of property you own, you will either need to clean your outdoor patios weekly or possibly daily. For instance, restaurants should consider cleaning outdoor patios and tables on a daily basis to prevent any food spills from staining your deck or patio. But residential buildings may only need to clean their outdoor spaces on a weekly basis. With an outdoor sweeper, you can quickly and effectively clean these spaces. Outdoor sweepers are great for restaurants with outdoor dining because of how quickly they handle food spills. Instead of wasting time with a broom and dustpan, you can easily clean your entire patio as part of a nightly routine.

When To Clean Outdoor Furniture

Additionally, outdoor pillows, cushions, and other furniture should be cleaned seasonally to prevent damage. Cleaning furniture at the start of spring and then again at the end of summer or at the beginning of fall is the best way to prevent your furniture from growing mold or getting waterlogged. Make sure to take furniture and any upholstered furniture indoors for any storms.

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