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Leaf Blower Ban? Haaga Sweepers to the Rescue!

August 17th, 2018– The leaf blower ban is starting to become a national trend. California has banned them throughout the state and many other states are following suit. This is where Haaga Sweepers step in to help substitute for the leaf blower.

Understanding the Leaf Blower Ban

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A simple search of the internet for “leaf blower ban” will bring you to plenty of articles on the subject. There are several issues to using a leaf blower that causes problems. The biggest issue is noise pollution. In an article by the New York Times, they talk about the problems associated with a noisy leaf blower. From a distance of 800 ft., a leaf blower has a dB(A) rating of over 100.  This is VERY noisy for anyone trying to enjoy a peaceful morning or evening at home. 

The World Health Organization recommends general daytime outdoor noise levels should be at 55 dB(A) or less to sustain a peaceful environment. The Centers for Disease Control states that leaf blowers “Due to this high dB(A) rating, if proper ear protection is not used, can lead to loss of hearing.”  While most use proper ear protection, not all do. These leaf blowers also generate low-frequency noise levels when being operated outside a home.  This generates issue for people with epilepsy, vertigo, hypertension or any rhythm disorder.

Why You Should Choose a Sweeper Over a Leaf Blower

The blower makes a quick and easy way to remove debris particles.  However, many homeowners and businesses use the “Leaf Blower” incorrectly. The leaf blowers are designed for just that, blowing leaves across your grass into a pile for quick and easy pickup.  The more you think about it, the less you actually see people doing this.  70% of people and businesses that use the leaf blower, use it for sidewalk cleaning, parking lot cleaning, driveway cleaning, or any other area with small debris aside from on grass!

So what can you do? Haaga Sweepers are the perfect alternative! Our sweepers not only provide a quite clean, they are also much more efficient than a leaf blower. We offer battery operated or manual sweepers that have a triple action sweeping design, to pick up big and small debris in a single sweep. Please visit our website store front to purchase a sweeper or contact one of our sweeper experts for more information.

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