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Why you Should Choose Haaga Sweepers for Your Business

Haaga Sweeper 677For over 40 years, Haaga has been distributing sweepers all over the world. As experts in the development of modern and high-power sweeping machines, all of the sweepers we offer are developed and manufactured in Germany. With several distribution centers across the United States, is easier than ever to get our sweepers to customers.

Customer Service

We take our customers concerns seriously and that’s why you will always speak with a sweeper expert, not a robot. Not sure which sweeper to choose? Our experts will provide you with more information about which sweepers best fit your needs.

Product Variety

With both battery-operated and manual sweepers available in a variety of sizes, it’s easy to find a sweeper that fits your unique needs. We also stock all of our replacement stocks at our location in Plymouth and they are available for purchase straight through our website to make replacing parts and keeping your sweeper running easier than ever.

Manual Sweepers:

Battery Operated Sweepers:

Ease of Use

The main goal of Haaga is to produce products that work and make your job easier. The best part about this? Each of our sweepers has several brushes and wheels to make them easier than ever to use and store.

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