How Can My Business Clean Pollen In Outdoor Spaces?

How Can My Business Clean Pollen In Outdoor Spaces?

It is finally spring, and while many of us are happier for the warmer weather, spring does provide some allergy issues for many people. A fine layer of pollen can begin to coat indoor and outdoor areas. For businesses like restaurants that have outdoor eating areas, apartment complexes with outdoor amenities, or agricultural facilities that are semi-outdoors, this layer of pollen and small leaves can be extremely irritating. In this article we will cover how to effectively remove pollen and spring plants from your outdoor space. 

How To Clean Pollen At Your Commercial Property

For outdoor spaces, there are a few steps for cleaning pollen. For floors, walkways, and sidewalks, a hose may be able to push the pollen away. But one effective way to clean pollen is with a sweeper. Instead of a traditional broom and dust pan, a sweeper can quickly pick up the granular pollen that is on the ground outside of your property. If you sweep frequently you will be able to get rid of the the lay of pollen on your outdoor spaces. Here at Haaga we provide a variety of sweeper options that can be used to effectively sweep up pollen, leaves, and other plant debris that cause allergies.

Choosing The Right Haaga Sweeper For Your Property

We provide a variety of sweeper options here at Haaga. When choosing an outdoor sweeper for your agricultural facility, apartment building, or business, you will want to choose one that works best for your needs. For example, different Haaga sweepers have different hopper capacities as well as cleaning paths. For a large facility, a wide cleaning path might be most effective. But if you are cleaning around tables and chairs, a smaller path can work. 

Another decision is whether to go with a manual or a power sweeper. The battery-powered sweepers are effective for cleaning large areas quickly. If you have lot of square footage that will need to be cleaned often, we might recommend a battery-powered sweeper. If you have questions about our sweepers, we can help answer them and match your property with the best sweeper option. 

Contact Us For More Information on Sweepers

If you are interested in getting a power sweeper or a manual sweeper for your property, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss our various sweepers and make recommendations on which sweeper is best for your property. 

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