Are Leaf Blowers Bad For The Environment

Are Leaf Blowers Bad For The Environment

As a bit of disclosure for this article, we do not sell leaf blowers but instead sell both manual sweepers and battery-powered sweepers. In a few articles that we have written in the past we have discussed a few of the reasons that sweepers are better for cleaning outdoor facilities compared to leaf blowers. One element that we have not covered before is the environmental impact. There are a variety of articles discussing the impact these machines have on the environment. 

Are Leaf Blowers Bad For The Environment

There are a few reasons we recommend buying a manual sweeper over a traditional leaf blower. A sweeper much like a broom and dustpan collects the debris so that they can be disposed of in an organized fashion. By contrast a leaf blower temporarily cleans an area by blowing all of the debris around. By nature this can create pollution by blowing trash and other non organic litter into other people’s properties or into the surrounding environment. 

But the larger environmental impact that should be noted is how gas-powered motors affect the environment. Many traditional leaf blowers rely on a two-stroke engine which has been noted to cause more pollution than most modern cars and trucks. These types of landscaping tools can cause a serious amount of pollution for the environment and rely on fossil fuels that are becoming more expensive as supplies continue to decrease. 

Why Should You Use A Haaga Sweeper Instead of a Leaf Blower

There are some alternatives to using a leaf blower. While a dustpan and broom are way too inefficient, a Haaga sweeper is the perfect replacement for an old leaf blower. A manual sweeper produces no pollution when in use as it relies on human power to push the sweeper around. These sweepers are perfect for cleaning outdoor areas efficiently because of Haaga’s patented dual brush system that improves how quickly these sweepers pick up debris. The battery powered sweepers are also effective at cleaning up dirt and debris. Rechargeable batteries are much better for the environment than gas engines which is why so many vehicles are switching to batteries. 

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