What Is The Most Effective Tool For Cleaning Parking Lots?

Before your customers and clients see the inside of your business, and even before they see the front door, the first thing they are going to see it the parking lot. A parking lot that is filled with trash and other messes can be a problem for a lot of businesses. This is fairly common near restaurants and other properties where people tend to litter. Cleaning your parking lot is good for how your business looks, preventing people from stepping in things, helping the environment, and keeping your community clean. But what is the most effective way to clean up a parking lot or parking garage? Walk-behind sweepers are a great choice for efficient cleaning that doesn’t take away time for your team. 

How Do You Clean A Commercial Parking Lot?

There are multiple types of messes that can show up in a parking lot. For anything that is just sitting on the top of the asphalt surface there are a few options on how to clean it up. Obviously the least efficient option would be an old-fashioned broom and dust pan, although it can help with a single solitary mess like a broken bottle. Some businesses look into leaf blowers but those have multiple problems. First and foremost, you aren’t really cleaning you are just pushing trash somewhere else. This can be either bad for the environment or bad for your neighbors and other businesses if you work in a condensed city area. On top of that leaf blowers make a lot of noise pollution as well. 

The best choice for cleaning loose debris of pavement is to use a sweeper. Walk-behind sweepers quickly pick up both organic and man-made messes including leaves, pollen, cans, bottles, and more. Sweepers from Haaga are especially engineered to provide the most utility when cleaning. They can adjust to clean large or small debris and can clean both wet and dry messes.

However, you do need to consider other options if you are cleaning messes that are bonded to the surface of the parking lot like oil spills. A leaking car can stain the surface of your pavement, as can road salt used to prevent black ice from forming. In these cases you might want to look into power washing seasonally or as needed. 

What Is The Best Tool For Cleaning Multi-Tier Parking Garages?

Multi-tier parking garages can be a much harder challenge to keep clean. Not only is there more surface area to get dirty but the semi-enclosed space makes it easy for trash and debris to get tracked in but not necessarily cycle out. For that reason, you will likely need a cleaning solution that can be used more frequently and cover a larger amount of space. We recommend battery-powered walk-behind sweepers. These sweepers combine the already efficient technology of manual sweepers with extra power. 

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