How Do You Clean A Parking Garage?

Cleaning a parking lot can be a large task, but it can be even more difficult to clean a large parking garage. With the multiple tiers of parking space and hundreds of drivers coming in and leaving, it isn’t difficult for parking garages to accumulate trash quickly. Additionally, since many parking garages are open to the environment, trash can blow in as well as various natural debris. In this article, we will discuss a few different options for cleaning parking garages. If you are interested in equipment for cleaning in parking garages, please contact us or view our battery-operated walk-behind sweepers. 

Can You Use Leaf Blowers To Clean Parking Garages?

One of the worst possible options for cleaning a space like a parking garage is a leaf blower or any tool that simply pushes things around. Aside from the environmental impact of just moving trash and garbage somewhere else instead of cleaning it, there is also the issue that most parking garages are a hybrid of indoor/outdoor spaces. The openings between the levels make it easy for things to blow into a parking garage, but blowing something out can be extremely difficult. 

How Do You “Vacuum” A Parking Garage?

To clean up debris like dirt, dust, pollen, and discarded trash, you need to do a full sweep of the space. The best way to do this is with a sweeper. A walk-behind sweeper with rotating brushes can quickly pick up debris of many different sizes and types. This is perfect for cleaning a multi-tiered parking garage. However, if you have a large space, you should consider getting a battery-powered device that way you can clean even faster. 

How Do You Pick The Right Sweeper For Your Parking Garage?

Consider a few things when picking a sweeper for a parking garage. First and foremost consider your cleaning paths. Different sweepers provide different cleaning paths. The benefit of a larger cleaning path is fewer passes are needed to clean an area. That said, this decreases the maneuverability and can make it difficult to clean in tight spaces. Another factor to consider is the capacity of the sweeper. A smaller capacity will make it necessary to empty the hopper multiple times in a single cleaning project. Finally, some sweepers have additions that can help clean. For example, sweepers can have side brushes that can clean against walls which is great for parking garages. If you need a recommendation on a sweeper for your business, please give us a call

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How Do I Clean Oil Spills In My Parking Garage?

While a sweeper is the ideal piece of equipment for cleaning debris, and a Haaga Sweeper can clean everything from crushed soda cans down to wet dirt and pollen, another issue you might have is stains and spills. A sweeper cannot pickup an oil spill. The best option is pressure washing solutions. A power wash should be done less frequently or for specific spot cleaning. After power washing, you should run the sweeper over the area to pick up and debris that was lifted by the pressure wash. 

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