Why Manufacturing Plants Use Cordless Battery Powered Sweepers

Why Manufacturing Plants Use Cordless Battery Powered Sweepers

No matter what kind of commercial or industrial facility you manage, keeping it clean is very important. And while vacuum cleaners are great for indoor carpeted places, one of the best tools for a manufacturing facility or industrial location is a sweeper. Haaga sells both battery-powered and manual sweepers that are perfect for cleaning large floors and picking up debris quickly. If you would like a recommendation on a sweeper for your facility please give us a call for more information or browse our available sweepers.


Vacuums Or Sweepers For Manufacturing Facilites?

When it comes to cleaning a floor, there are many options. While it is obvious that a broom and dustpan is not going to work for a large facility, both vacuums and sweepers are often good choices. One reason that battery-powered sweepers are often chosen is because they provide cordless sweeping solutions. The large brushes and cleaning path means they can quickly clean up debris and other garbage littering the floor much quicker than a vacuum cleaner.

Cordless Battery-Powered Sweepers From Haaga

A battery-powered sweeper from Haaga provides exceptional mobility and cleaning efficiency. The cordless battery-powered sweepers quickly and effectively clean areas and can be moved effortlessly throughout your facility. The large cleaning paths and three-brush technology ensure that you can clean more in just a single pass. For large facilities you might want to compare different sweepers based on their cleaning path size and hopper capacity. If you would like a recommendation, please give us a call. 

Buy A Sweeper For Your Industrial/Commercial Business

If you own a manufacturing facility, industrial plant, or other business in the commercial/industrial facility, we would be happy to help you find the right sweeper for your property. Give us a call or browse our online collection of sweepers for more information.

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