Why Agricultural Facilities Use Haaga Sweepers

Why Agricultural Facilities Use Haaga Sweepers

Haaga Sweepers work well for many different commercial facilities. For example, hotels often use Sweepers for indoor and outdoor amenities including parking lots and covered garages. One industry that benefits greatly from Haaga Sweepers is the agricultural industry. Large buildings that are consistently getting covered in dirt and debris can be quickly and easily cleaned with a Haaga Sweeper. In this article, we will cover the core benefits of Haaga Sweepers for agricultural facilities

Haaga Sweepers Clean Dry & Wet Debris

A Haaga Sweeper uses patented three-brush technology to clean up more dirt and debris in a shorter period of time. This is perfect for various agricultural facilities as it works much quicker than other sweepers or using a dustpan. Even small facilities can benefit from a manual sweeper that can clean up a lot in just a few short passes. A Haaga Sweeper is ideal for indoor/outdoor spaces and for cleaning up both wet and dry messes. Manual sweepers are great for small farms or similar properties.

Battery Powered Sweepers From Haaga Are Perfect For Farms

Haaga’s battery-powered sweepers are ideal for large facilities. The extra power allows them to quickly and effectively brush up dirt, straw, hay, and other debris right off the ground. The increased capacity of their hoppers means you can clean large areas quickly. All in all, having a battery-powered sweeper is the best option for large to mid-sized agricultural facilities. That being said there are a variety of power sweepers that we offer. Different sweepers have different cleaning paths and capacities. If you have questions about our sweepers or which on is best for your facility please give us a call.

Get A Battery-Powered Sweeper For Your Farm

If you are interested in getting a battery power sweeper for your farm or another agricultural facility we can help. We would be happy to recommend different sweepers to your property based on your needs. If you have questions about any of our sweepers please give us a call. 

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