What To Look For In A Warehouse Sweeper

What To Look For In A Warehouse Sweeper

Commercial and residential storage spaces are often prided on their controlled conditions. From temperature control to security, it is important to your clients that your warehouse or storage facility is safe and well-managed. Part of management includes keeping your warehouse or storage facility clean. A clean warehouse is easier to keep organized and is easier to move heavy goods across. That is why many storage facilities and warehouses rely on powered sweepers to quickly clean debris. Here are a few things to consider when looking for the right sweeper.

Manueverability & Size

The first thing you need to consider when buying a sweeper is the size of the cleaning path. Obviously, you don’t want to buy something so large that it cannot effectively clean tight spaces around your facility. Alternatively, buying something too small decreases efficiency twice over. You will likely need to stop cleaning consistently to empty out the smaller hopper, and you will need to make multiple passes on the same aisle to effectively clean it. The best choice is to pick a sweeper that can effectively clean your smallest aisles. You should also plan for the tightest spaces first. However, if you have a large facility with irregular-shaped aisles and areas, it may be beneficial to have multiple sweepers of different sizes.

Should You Use A Manual Or Powered Sweeper?

There are multiple types of sweepers that are effective for cleaning a warehouse or storage facility. Manual sweepers, as the name suggests, are powered simply by pushing them. They are slightly less efficient than their powered counterparts. Choosing the right sweeper is based on the size of your project and the needs of your facility. We actually wrote a full guide in the past on when to purchase a powered sweeper as opposed to a manual sweeper.

How To Maximize Cleaning Efficiency For Your Facility

Haaga sweepers are all engineered around efficiency. There are many different types of sweepers on the market, but Haaga’s sweepers have a proprietary design allowing them to clean more in a single pass. With counter-rotating brushes and rolling brushes designed to clean up after the front brushes, our sweepers can decrease the number of passes it will take to effectively clean your facility. We offer both battery power sweepers that boast hours of cleaning power as well as manual sweepers. We also provide a variety of sizes perfect for any size and layout.

Browse Haaga Sweepers For Commercial Storage Facilities

Learn more about Haaga Sweepers and purchase your sweeper online by browsing our catalog. If you have questions about any of our sweepers or would like a recommendation on a sweeper for your business, we would be happy to answer your questions.

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