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What Sets Haaga Sweepers Apart

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For over 40 years, Haaga has been a pioneer in the sweeper industry. Haaga’s top focus when developing sweepers is to manufacture machines that are environmentally friendly and of top quality. Our sweepers are manufactured in Germany, about 20km southeast of Stuttgart and HAAGA US is the official dealer for those within the United States. Whether you’re preparing to add a Haaga sweeper to your fleet or your current sweeper is nearing the end of its lifespan, our sweepers will keep the inside and outside of your facility looking it’s best.

Patented Disc Brush System

The key factor that sets Haaga apart is our patented disc brush technology. With two specially-made, counter-rotating brushes, our sweepers are able to pick up dirt, debris, and trash in front of and to the sides of the sweeper and pull it directly into the waste container. Because of this disc brush technology, our sweepers are able to pick up wet and dry leaves, stones, dirt and dust, as well as various trash items such as paper cups.

Haaga sweepers also feature a step-less adjustable sweeping pressure, which makes it easy for the sweeper to pick up fine grains such as sand and dirt.

Turbo Sweeping System

With the Haaga patented dual brush sweeping technology, your sweeper cuts below waste and pulls it directly into the waste container, making it easier than ever to clean your facility. Dirt and debris, and even wet leaves are picked up properly the first time around. With the additional fine dirt brush located behind the disc brushes allow the sweeper to sweep twice in one step.

Intelligent Airflow System

Both the Haaga 400 series and Haaga 600 series sweepers are equipped with two special filters. The first filter cleans the dust-filled air and then it is pushed through the next filter to return the air into the sweeping cycle. By doing this, the operator of the sweeper doesn’t stand in a cloud of dust.

To learn more about Haaga sweepers, give our team a call today at (855) 797-0478.

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