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Ultimate Guide to HAAGA Maintenance

HAAGA Sweepers are designed to sweep the toughest environments. HAAGA maintenance is recommended to ensure a long life cycle and optimum cleaning ability of each unit. It is important to perform routine maintenance on each unit after each use. Also, the Department of Health has strict guidelines on the storage and maintenance of workplace equipment to ensure safe working conditions for employees. This article will help provide you with a few tips and tricks to keep your HAAGA Sweeper operating at the highest level possible.

All Commercial Sweeper Models

HAAGA maintenance starts with storage. Always store your unit in the upright position, this will prevent brushes from becoming bent. If brushes happen to become bent, simply take a hair drier to them and they will fall back into place.

Make sure to clean your machine as often as possible. All gears are covered and self-lubricating, but taking compressed air to the gears and brushes will help maintain optimal performance. Always empty the waste bin after every use. Cleaning the filters after every use is also recommended as dust and small debris will be collected quickly. The filters are easy to remove and can be cleaned with water.

Battery Operated Units HAAGA 677 and HAAGA 697

HAAGA maintenance on battery units has a few more steps. First, charge the machine fully prior to using for the first time. This will ensure that the battery is fully charged and prolong the life cycle of the unit. After each use, plug the unit in to ensure a full battery before the next time the unit is to be operated.

The charging tip is designed to have a loose fit, there is no need to apply pressure when inserting the charger into the unit. When not charging, use the protective red cap on the charging tip to protect the charger from coming into contact with any metal material. Such interaction could be cause for the charging fuse to blow.

When a red light is signaled on the machine, it is time to charge the unit or turn the brushes off and use sweeper in manual push mode. When the light on the charger is green, the unit is fully charged. If the light on the charger is red, the unit is still charging.

For further information on cleaning or maintenance of our HAAGA Sweepers, contact a sweeper expert at 1-855-797-0478.

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