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The Benefits of Using a Battery-Operated Sweeper

haaga sweeper being usedFor the longest time, most commercial facilities were cleaned only with a broom, mop, and bucket but thanks to technological advances, cleaning is easier than ever. Although they are an investment, battery-operated sweepers are ideal to saving time and money when it comes to cleaning your commercial space and pay for themselves.

Deciding between a battery-operated and manual sweeper? Learn more about the benefits of battery-operated sweepers below.

Reduced Risk of Tripping

By utilizing a battery operated sweeper, you are able to eliminate the number of cords on your facilities floors, thus reducing the risk of tripping by employees. This allows you to not only clean your space efficiently, but it also allows you to minimize the risk of workplace injuries.

No Emissions

Cleaning equipment that utilizes diesel or any other type of fuel gives off emissions, which can be problematic in a public facility (i.e. hospital, restaurant, etc.). Battery-operated sweepers have no emissions, providing employees and visitors better air quality.

Clean Anywhere

Battery-operated sweepers give you the ability to clean in areas where there are no outlets and where cords cannot reach. Although they need to be plugged in to charge, you’re able to clean freely both indoors and outdoors thanks to the discrete power source built into the machine.

Batteries Are Advancing

As technological advances are made, battery quality is increasing. You no longer have to worry about only getting 15-minutes of cleaning under your belt before having to recharge. Haaga battery-powered sweepers can clean for hours before having to be recharged.

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