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The Benefits of Manual Sweepers for Parking Lots

Designed specifically to be used indoors and outdoors, Haaga’s fleet of manual and battery-operated sweepers can make the world if difference when it comes to keeping your healthcare facility’s parking lots. Our sweepers are specifically designed to be used on various surfaces and can pick up wet and dry materials, making it easier than ever to keep your parking lots clean.

If you’re still undecided on whether a Haaga sweeper is a good investment for your healthcare facility, learn more about the benefits below!

A Clean Environment

As sick patients enter and exit your healthcare facilities premises, dirt and germs are going to build up in the parking lot. When there are also debris and trash in the parking lot, bacteria is able to settle into the trash and when it is removed, it reduces the risk of sick patients breathing it in.

Removing the trash also reduces the transfer of bacteria into the healthcare facility from shoes, walkers, and wheelchairs.

More Inviting for Patients

Going into a healthcare facility can be overwhelming and stressful for patients and when they pull into the parking lot, they want to see a clean and welcoming environment. A parking lot that is filled with trash and debris can deter patients and their families from wanting to come back to your facility. Trash and debris can also cause complaints, negative feedback, and can cause injury to patients, all of which damage your reputation and ability to provide care.

Quick Clean Up

Walking around a parking lot with a broom and dustpan to clear debris can take time. By utilizing a Haaga sweeper, you’re able to ensure your parking lot is clear of dirt and debris in a shorter period of time, allowing your team to focus on the cleaning and sanitizing of the facility interior.

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