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Should My Company Invest in a Power Sweeper?

haaga 497 warehouseYou may be asking yourself if now is the time to switch over to industrial sweepers and scrubbers instead of having someone do it all by hand. Although the investment is not entirely necessary, you may discover that it benefits your company in the long haul. We’re going to explore the advantages of power sweepers, and whether or not they might be the right choice for you.

If your company is still relying on the good old bucket and mop, then switching to a power sweeper might seem like a big step, especially because of the cost. Most warehouse facilities rely on these power sweepers because they can efficiently clean large expanses of area without much strain to the worker. It’s probably time that you became aware of just how much more efficient and safe power sweepers really are.

Traditional Cleaning Tools

Although there’s nothing more timeless than the bucket and mop, these tools are vastly ineffective and can lead to problems down the road. Did you know that fine dust cannot fully be removed with a simple broom? It’s true. Also, a mop often creates more waste than it cleans up! You’ve seen the strain that sweeping and mopping creates in your employees, so isn’t it time to find a better alternative?

A Simpler Solution

You may think that you’re saving money with traditional cleaning, but you would be wrong. It takes more than one single worker to clean a large warehouse, hallway, or banquet room. If you’re paying this person by the hour, then in reality, you’re going to be paying a lot. And if you’re on a time constraint, you’re going to need to hire multiple workers to get the job done.

Now, when you have one employee riding on a power sweeper, it’s going to take less time, be more efficient, and cost you less money. Also, you’re protecting that worker from any undue strain or injury.

Saving Money

Yes, an industrial sweeper is going to cost you a lot of money upfront but think of how much money you’re going to save in the long haul. Not only that but think of how inefficient that broom and mop really are, and how your business is essentially not as clean as it should be. It’s time to ditch the team of cleaners and invest in a simple, effective solution that can revolutionize the way that your company cleans.

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