Providing Haaga Sweepers Nationally

The team at Haaga US ships power and manual sweepers throughout the country and in Canada. Our sweepers are perfect for businesses and residential properties anywhere. We work with many different industries including farms, restaurants, and storage warehouses throughout the country. Find a dealer in your area by clicking here:

Haaga Sweepers For Sale in The Midwest

Power sweepers and manual sweepers are ideal for businesses and larger residential properties including apartments and condos. We provide sweepers throughout the Midwest and Central America Learn more about

Haaga Sweepers For Sale in Canada

You can also get Haaga Us products delivered to your business or home in Canada. Our sweepers are great for cleaning indoor and outdoor areas, buy sweepers and parts by contacting us today.

  • Ottawa
  • Toronto

Haaga Sweepers For Sale in Nevada

Our dealers work throughout the country to provide high-quality Haaga products. Learn more about getting Haaga Products in Nevada or California.

  • Las Vegas

Haaga Sweepers For Sale in California

Clients located in California can order Haaga sweepers and replacement parts to their locations throughout the state. We often send products to the following cities and their surrounding areas in California:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • San Jose