Product Highlight: Haaga 355 Manual Sweeper

Product Highlight: Haaga 355 Manual Sweeper

Haaga Sweepers provide high value to a variety of facilities. They are able to effortlessly clean indoor and outdoor areas throughout large and small properties. And compared to other cleaning alternatives like leaf blowers, they are better for the environment, provide a better clean, and are less disruptive. If you are interested in getting a Haaga Sweeper for a moderate sized property, the Haaga 355 might be the perfect solution for your facility. If you have questions about sweepers, would like a recommendation on a sweeper, give us a call or browse our online store to compare sweepers.

haaga 355

How Do Haaga Manual Sweepers Work?

haaga sweeper brush system

Haaga has a patented three-brush technology to make cleaning more efficient. Compared to a standard broom and dust pan or even other sweepers, a Haaga Sweeper provides expedited cleaning services. The 355 uses the Haaga three-brush system to quickly clean wet or dry debris inside or outside. With this system, a single pass with a Haaga Sweeper can pick up more than other sweepers.

Haaga 335 Manual Sweeper Specifications:

The Haaga 355 Sweeper features a 13.2 gallon container. Unlike our battery-powered sweepers, the 355 is completely manual so you do not need to worry about charging or outlets. Simply pushing the sweeper engages the three-brush turbo sweeping system. 

The Haaga Sweeper has a 21-inch cleaning path making it perfect for sidewalks as well as indoor use. Haaga Sweepers are also both easy to maintain and store. The Sweeper easily folds inward so it can hang on hooks in a supply closet. As for maintenance, you should always clean it out after use to make sure that it can continue to provide efficient cleaning services.

  • Capacity: 13.2-gallon container
  • Width: 21-inches
  • Brushes: Three Brush Turbo Sweeping

What Projects Is The Haaga 355 Manual Sweeper Best For?

Manual sweepers like the 355 are great for small businesses, apartment buildings, retail locations, restaurants, and more. These sweepers can clean outdoor parking lots, sidewalks, garages, outdoor amenities, etc. Compared to using a leaf blower or a broom/dustpan, our sweepers provide better cleaning efficiency. That being said, a battery-powered sweeper might be a better choice for companies that need to clean larger facilities. 

Contact Us For More Information on Sweepers

If you are interested in getting a power sweeper or a manual sweeper for your property, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss our various sweepers and make recommendations on which sweeper is best for your property. 

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