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Product Feature: Haaga-677 Battery Sweeper

The Haaga-677 is an easy to operate deluxe turbo sweeper part of our battery-operated fleet. At 31 inches wide and featuring a triple brush system, grabbing debris and picking up fine particles is easier than ever. With no cords needed, it’s easy to move from room to room within your building and across your property.


  • Belt-less drive reducing potential problems
  • Light weight construction for ease of use
  • Two front brushes and one bottom brush to pick up all dirt and debris
  • 13.2 gallon container


“Love this unit. We use it in our pretzel manufacturing plant. Saves us a ton of time compared to how we used to sweep with a broom. I wish the bin was a bit bigger but I am happy with this unit.:

  • Rachel

“Great unit. Cheaper than other sweepers.”

  • Phillip

“Sweeps everything! Use this in my garage”

  • Ron
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