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Product Feature: Haaga-475

HAAGA 475One of the most popular sweepers part of the 400 series fleet, the Haaga-475 is a mid-level manual sweeper, ideal for commercial spaces under 10,000 square feet. The easy to operate sweeper features a 30-inch width and our patent triple brush system, making it easier than ever to keep your commercial space clean.


  • 13.2 gallon container for the dirt, debris, and fine particles to be deposited in to
  • A triple brush system to sweep twice with one move
  • No electricity is needed!
  • Light-weight construction for fatigue-free operation (28.7 pounds)
  • 4 year warranty on brushes, 2 year overall warranty
  • Belt-free system

Frequently Asked Questions

How many brushes does this have underneath?

The Haaga-475 manual sweeper has two brushes on the front and one underneath.

Does this work to pick up geese droppings in a parking lot?

If they droppings are fairly dry, the sweeper will be able to pick them up! The two brushes in the front will sweep the debris underneath the unit and a third that will push them into the collection bin.

Does this sweeper only work on hard surfaces?

Yes, it is recommended to only use this sweeper on hard surfaces, whether they’re indoor or outdoor.

What size debris does this sweeper pick up?

The Haaga-475 will pick up both large and small debris, including fine dirt, salt, and sand.

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