How To Clean Outdoor Areas At Your Company

How To Clean Outdoor Areas At Your Company

Cleaning outdoor spaces at your company is a great way to make sure that the first impression your customers, clients, or guests have is a good one. On top of that, garbage and other debris can move from outdoor areas of your property inside. Keeping dirt, mud, and trash away from your entrances and exits can prevent these things from getting inside and making your interior cleaning projects more difficult. In this article we will cover a few options for cleaning outdoor areas. If you are interested in buying walk-behind sweepers online, check out our store.


Should You Use A Leaf Blower For Outdoor Cleaning?

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A leaf blower might seem like an obvious improvement over using a broom and dust pan for cleaning areas outside. But before you pick up one at your local store think of a few of the key drawbacks. The first and most obvious is leaf blowers aren’t actually getting rid of trash and debris, but just moving them around. If your business has neighboring companies, they won’t appreciate trash in front of their properties either. Additionally, a gust of a wind can bring that trash right back to your doorstep over time. While leaf blowers are good for handling leaves, left over trash like cans and cardboard should be disposed of not just moved further into the environment. Additionally, leaf blowers are not good for the environment. The use of gas plus the risk of polluting the environment with litter make them bad choices.

Should You Get Walk-Behind Sweepers?

The best option for cleaning an outdoor space is to sweep up the garbage and dispose of it. A broom and dustpan will work for a local homeowner but are too tedious for any business owner that has large areas to clean on top of many other daily responsibilities. That is where walk-behind sweepers come-in. These sweepers have much larger cleaning paths and quickly and effectively pickup dirt and debris.

With Haaga you can choose between a variety of manual and battery-powered sweepers. Battery-powered sweepers are great for large facilities with indoor and outdoor spaces that need to be swept up like agricultural facilities and manufacturing plants. Manual sweepers are great for small businesses looking to quickly clean sidewalks, lots, etc. 

Buy A Sweeper For Your Industrial/Commercial Business

If you are interested in getting a new sweeper for your business, please give us a call. We can recommend sweepers to you based on your needs and the size of your business. 

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