New Haaga Us Power Sweepers

New Haaga Us Power Sweepers

Power sweepers are an efficient and effective way to clean a large area quickly. Compared to using a simple broom and dustpan, a power sweeper can quickly pick up dirt, debris, and wet & dry materials. They are all ideal for outdoor spaces at restaurants, apartment buildings, hotels, and businesses. Here at Haaga Sweepers, we are excited to announce a couple of new battery-powered sweepers.

US-5 Compact Sweeper

The US-5 Compact Sweeper is perfect for getting into small spaces and quickly cleaning them. Whether you are cleaning a parking lot or parking garage, this battery-powered sweeper can quickly clean the area. Featuring a two-foot cleaning path and a hopper that can fit almost 10 gallons of debris, you can effectively clean any outdoor area with this compact sweeper. The US-5 is perfect for when you need maneuverability and to clean tight spaces and aisles.

US-9 Large Sweeper

The new US-9 Large Sweeper features an almost three-foot cleaning path and utilizes dual side brushes to clean larger areas. This sweeper is great for outdoor patios and decks at restaurants as you can quickly and effectively clean the area. Instead of relying on the traditional broom and dustpan, your staff will be happy to get the cleaning done quicker. This sweeper can hold up to 15.85 gallons of debris and is backed by a 5-year warranty. It is the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor cleaning, especially for larger facilities.

What Sweeper Is Right For Your Business?

At Haaga Sweepers we have a sweeper that is right for every size company. Depending on what areas you intend to clean, the square footage of your facility, and how often you will need to clean, we can make recommendations on what sweepers are best suited for your project. If you have questions about manual sweepers vs battery-powered sweepers, or which size sweeper is better suited for your facility we would be happy to help. Contact our team and we will answer your questions about the unique aspects of our different products as well as help make recommendations for your building.

Shop For Battery Powered Sweepers

If you are looking for a battery-powered sweeper for your facility, browse our collection of sweepers here on the website. We also offer manual sweepers and spare parts for your existing equipment. For more information about our inventory please give us a call or send us a message.

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