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Manual Sweepers for Wet & Dry Materials

haaga 497 warehouseThe fist mechanical sweeper featured a central brush, rubber wheels, and improvements on vacuum technology. If you go into any restaurant today, the sweepers you see restaurant staff using in between customers and towards closing are very similar to this original design. They’re quiet, streamlined, and work well, especially when you’re trying to clean up small crumbs and debris.

The Haaga 497

While today’s manual sweepers do utilize this original design, most manual and battery-operated sweepers have come ten-fold since they were first invented. The Haaga 497, for example, features a triple brush system – two front brushes rotating in opposite directions in order to grab debris directly in front of the sweeper and a roller brush on the bottom to pick up fine particles. The dirt, debris, and fine particles are then deposited into a large 13.2-gallon container that can easily be emptied.

The Different with Haaga Sweepers

This tripe brush system that all Haaga sweepers are built off of allows hard to clean areas, such as warehouses, parking lots, and facilities, to be cleaned easier than ever before. This feature makes cleaning up both wet and dry material a breeze so your team can get back to work faster. While Haaga sweepers are ideal for year-round use, it’s even more beneficial in the winter months when employees and customers are tracking salt, snow, and mud across your parking lot and into your facility. It not only keeps your facility clean, but it also reduces trip and fall risks from these winter elements.

Another benefit of Haaga sweepers: minimal maintenance! The sturdy build of Haaga sweepers increases the time in between maintenance and replacement parts. If you do need replacement parts, you can easily order all of the parts you need directly from our website.

To learn more about Haaga sweepers and to place your order, contact us today at 855-797-0478.

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