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Keeping Your Business Safe in Winter

We all know the issues that can arise when the snow starts falling and the roads aren’t the only areas that need to be monitored. From parking lots to lobby’s, and even storage areas, keeping these areas free and clear of debris as well as snow as crucial for keeping your employees and customers safe. With Haaga’s fleet of manual and battery-operated sweepers, you can easily sweep up any debris and hazards before the snow starts falling.

bird eye view of haaga 697 sweeperTips for Keeping Your Business Safe in Winter

1. Keep walkways clear – Removing any hazards from walkways will increase the risk of injury drastically. Use your Haaga sweeper to pick up any dirt, debris, and trash prior to snow. As the snow falls, make sure you’re shoveling regularly and laying down salt to reduce slips.

2. Utilize Entrance Mats – Tile, linoleum, and concrete floors can be extremely slippery if they get wet. To help reduce slips within your facility, take advantage of entrance mats! Customers and employees will be able to wipe their feet off once they enter your facility, before walking safely to where they need to go.

3. Clean Regularly – Just as you need to keep walkways into your business clear in the winter months, keeping the inside of your business clean and clear of debris is also crucial. Not only will it reduces slips, trips, and falls, but it will also give customers and employees a great first impression.

To help keep your business clean, inside and out, and hazard-free this winter, contact Haaga today to order your manual or battery-operated sweeper!


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